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Auto AC Repair in Ashland, Virginia

Efficient Service for Your Air Conditioning System

Does Your Car Air Conditioning Need Service?

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is intricate. For optimal function, it’s highly recommended to have it routinely checked; experts suggest at least once a year. Periodic inspections ensure correct refrigerant and lubrication levels and help detect minor issues like leaks or blockages. During the inspection, our technicians will inspect all major components for proper function: the condenser, compressor, evaporator, accumulator or receiver/dryer, orifice tube, or thermal expansion valve. If we find low refrigerant upon inspection, we can perform an AC recharge where we add more refrigerant to the system. At Ferber’s Tire & Auto Service in Ashland, Virginia, our auto AC repair and maintenance team offers standard air conditioning inspections and recharges for all makes and models! Don’t forget–you can help keep your AC working well, too! All you need to do is run the AC and defrost mode once a week (all year round) for about ten minutes each to maintain gas pressure and prevent moisture build-up and mildew.


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