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Brake Repair in Ashland, Virginia

Expert Maintenance and Repair for All Brake Systems

Professional Brake Maintenance

Your brakes are arguably the most important safety feature of your vehicle. As the first line of defense on the road, it’s imperative you keep your brakes in top shape. How do you do this? Brake maintenance. Here at Ferber’s Tire & Auto Service in Ashland, Virginia, we offer brake maintenance for all makes and models. At the top of the list is regular brake inspections. This allows us to check the condition of your brakes and if there are any issues; if a problem is detected, our brake repair specialists are on it. Since brake fluid degrades over time, brake fluid flushes are needed at certain intervals to keep your brake system properly functioning. Other aspects of brake care are bleeding the brake system of trapped air, replacing brake pads, and resurfacing rotors if they become jagged. All your brake maintenance needs can be fulfilled here at our auto repair shop! Your owner’s manual will provide general guidelines for when these services should be performed.


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