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Oil Change in Ashland, Virginia

Quick Oil and Oil Filter Changes

Why Fresh Oil Matters to Your Engine

One of the most basic–and important–maintenance services your vehicle needs regularly is an oil change. Oil is a natural lubricant that is responsible for ensuring smooth operation between the many parts of your engine. It decreases the likelihood of friction and subsequent overheating. Additionally, oil captures any dust, dirt, byproducts, and other debris as it runs throughout the engine and drops the harmful materials into the oil filter. This helps prevent the degradation of engine parts and the need for costly repair. Yet another reason why clean oil is so imperative is its cooling properties–it absorbs excess heat and safely disperses it. The oil must be in its best condition to achieve optimum engine performance. Over time, oil degrades and becomes less effective. Routine oil changes ensure fresh oil is always circulating your engine. Here at Ferber’s Tire & Auto Service in Ashland, Virginia, we have extensive experience changing the oil and oil filter for all makes and models. We can take care of this simple task in a flash!


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