The heater hose is a key component of your engine's cooling system. The purpose of the hose is to move coolant from the engine to the heater core located in the dash of your vehicle. Made with rubber and built with resistance to heat and coolant chemicals, they’re pre-molded to fit each vehicle’s cooling system.

There are a few signs that let you know its time for a heater hose replacement. First, if you see a visibly cracked or dry hose, it’s a good indicator it may be time for a replacement. Even with the durable build of the heater hose, aging and weather will eventually win out. Coolant leaks, especially when the coolant is splattered all over the engine and hood, is a major red flag. While this isn’t a surefire heater hose issue, it's worth looking into. These issues can snowball if left unchecked. A cracked heater hose can result in leaking coolant. A lack of coolant can cause your engine to overheat. An overheating engine can end in catastrophe. For this reason, if you have any signs of wear and tear, bring your vehicle to an ASE certified mechanic or shop for a repair.

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop