Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant and a coolant that transmits power from the engine to the transmission. Allowing contaminants to build up and failing to flush your existing fluid decrease the life of your transmission! So, what causes your transmission fluid wear and leak?

Let’s take a look at some common factors.

  • Car Accidents and Body Damage: Car accidents, especially ones near your axles or wheels can produce a transmission leak. Your transmission is connected to a CV joint or driveshaft that if hit hard enough can damage the seals in your assembly.
  • Neglect: Failing to change your fluid in a timely manner can result in a transmission leak. Tiny bits of metal build up in your fluid over time as the metal that comprises your transmission wears down. These tiny bits begin to wear down the seals and gaskets in your transmission.
  • Wear and Tear: Over time a variety of factors lead to the breaking down of your transmission fluid. Output shafts come into direct contact with the seals surrounding them. The natural motion of the shaft can wear down the seals leading to a leak. Temperature swings, especially heat, can cause cracks in the lines also creating leaks.

Before bringing your vehicle to a mechanic it’s important to identify that transmission fluid is actually leaking from your vehicle. Transmission fluid is usually red or orange in color and has a very unique smell. Your transmission is one thing you definitely don’t want to replace. Bring your vehicle to an ASE certified mechanic for a transmission flush or diagnostic.

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop