Not only is a hard to turn steering wheel an annoying issue, but it's also a dangerous one. We don't have to stress the importance of having full control of your vehicle during emergencies. With many components that control the steering in your car, let's look at the common issues.

To start, the most common reason your steering wheel is hard to turn is probably a lack of power steering fluid. Power steering fluid moved throughout the system using pressurized hoses. These hoses may become loose and are prone to cracks and leaks as they age, leading to difficulties.

When it comes to other problems, you can use context to figure out why your steering wheel is hard to move. Harder to steer while driving slowly? It could be the power steering pump. Does it become easier to turn the wheel the longer you drive? You may have a damaged rack and pinion. Vehicles can be difficult to diagnose, so none of these symptoms mean there's a certainty. Even a broken serpentine belt can cause turning the wheel to become difficult. These suggestions are just a great place to start. For a proper diagnosis, go to an ASE certified shop such as Ferber's Tire and Auto Service!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop