The coolant's (aka antifreeze) job is to control your engine's temperature and prevent the radiator from freezing. Cars can run extremely hot, so coolant keeps your engine running at a safe temperature to prevent major damage. So, what are some signs your car may be losing coolant?

The first and most simple step is to check for a visual leak below your vehicle. You may see a bright green, pink, orange, or blue fluid below your car with a sweetish smell. If the leak is bad enough, you might notice while driving. There can be many reasons your car may overheat, but an overheating vehicle with a leak that fits the description above can narrow down the issue. Checking hose connections and parts for leaks can help as well; just be cautious under the hood. If you're ever in doubt, keep an eye on your temperature gauge that can alert you of overheating. There's even a coolant warning light that will appear on your dash in some cases.

It's important to note that just because you do not visually see a leak, there isn't one. If you want the professional touch and ensure your vehicle is running correctly, bring it to Ferber's Tire and Auto Service, where we can perform coolant pressure tests to get you on the right track!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop