Having a car window that won’t roll down (or worse, won’t roll up) can become a nightmare. Diagnosing the issue and understanding how your window operates is the key to fixing this issue.

With windows, there are a few things that will help you figure out the root of the problem. Is it just the driver window? Is it only the rear windows? Do you hear a noise when you try to roll the windows up or down? Electrical and manual windows have enough differences that the approach will change for each type.

Owning a manually operated window as opposed to an electric one comes with a different set of potential issues. Due to the simpler, straightforward nature of manual windows, they can be easier to solve. If you crank your window and experience no movement, a worn regulator could be the culprit. The regulator transfers the rotational movement of the crank handle or window motor. It then turns this motion into the vertical movement of your window. Crank gears are made of plastic, so repeated use will wear them down over time.

With the modern and more common electric window, there are more steps needed to solve the issue. It’s best to try a couple of tactics to diagnose the problem. Whether it’s a fuse, relay, motor module, or even something as simple as the driver lock-out switch, listening and testing your windows can help assess the issue. It’s important to note that the issue varies depending on the number of windows, or which window is experiencing the problem. Because the driver door window gets used so frequently, it’s usually a motor-related issue and will be the first to show signs of failure. Bad switches are associated with problems related to passenger windows.

Fixing a car window can be a frustrating step by step process. We recommend bringing your vehicle to an ASE certified automotive shop like Ferber's Tire and Auto Service! If you're in the greater Richmond area, give us a call today!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop