As things begin to heat up outside, not many things could ruin a summer quite like broken AC. As a complex system, there can be many issues with your AC system. Air conditioning noises, not blowing cold enough, or even not blowing any air at all. Today we'll take a deeper look at a few reasons why your car's AC is blowing warm.

Refrigerant leak: Refrigerant circulates through your AC system, expanding and contracting, removing heat from your cabin. It operates in a closed system and won't evaporate over time, so the only way you lose coolant is via leak. The moment refrigerant hits the atmosphere, it evaporates, so it can be very tricky to spot leaks in the system. An auto shop will incorporate dye into your system to find the issue.

Bad Compressor: Just like our hearts pump blood, the compressor pumps and circulates refrigerant throughout your AC system. Compressors can atrophy from underuse, so it's good to use your AC even in cold weather. For what it's worth, using the defrost will give you the same effect for most vehicles. The compressor is a complicated part, so when it fails, its usually better to replace instead of repair.

Faulty Condenser: The condenser is the cool guy of the party. This part condenses the hot and humid air from the cabin and turns it into a cooled liquid to bring down the temperature in the system. The condenser is located towards the front of your vehicle by your radiator and grill.As you drive at higher speeds, the air hitting the condenser helps with the cooling process. This same benefit can sometimes be negative as debris and grime from the road can get trapped inside the condenser, causing blockage or punctures.

These are only a few issues that can lead to your AC not blowing cold like it used to. Electrical issues, cooling fans, and more can cause problems. Things like locating a refrigerant leak, repairing the condenser or compressor, and replacing cooling fans require a thorough knowledge of the AC system and, most likely, a professional touch. Don't suffer in the heat. Call a Shop you trust like Ferber's Automotive and Body to get you riding in comfort again!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop