Engine mounts, (also known as motor mounts) are used to support the engine while is supplies power to the wheels. They secure your car’s engine and transmission to the subframe. Engine mounts absorb shock and vibration to make sure the driver doesn’t feel any movement of the motor. Typically, they’re made from two attached pieces of metal with rubber (and sometimes oil) between them. Due to the fact that they carry so much weight, most vehicles use three or four mounts for full support. These mounts keep the engine snugly attached to the chassis in the engine bay, so while driving uphill or on uneven roads you have little to no engine movement.

With so much support, how do your engine mounts break? Well just like with most car parts, the answer is a combination of time and environment. While some mounts may last the lifetime of your vehicle, the rubber can really break down and ruin the part. Rubber is prone to dry rot from all the back and forth temperature changes in the engine. Rough driving on uneven terrains put a lot of stress on the mounts as well. Over time these factors can cause the motor mounts to break, leading to catastrophe. I don’t think we have to stress how important the engine is to your vehicle. So, if you hear any impact sounds in the engine, or just want to be safe, bring your car to Ferber’s Tire and auto for an engine mount inspection today!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop