Unlike a nail in a flat tire, many vehicle issues build up over time. Headlight issues often go neglected because it doesn’t come with a horrible noise or an obvious performance flaw. One day you’re driving at night and you realize your headlights look dimmer than usual. You then realize just how foggy and yellow your headlights have become over time. So what causes this?

An important factor to always keep in mind are the weather conditions. Most modern cars are made with polycarbonate plastics instead of only glass. These are covered with a clear coat to protect the lights. Once the polycarbonate is exposed to air the UV rays begin to cloud the lenses. Dirt, water, and other chemicals can gather on your headlights to eventually limit your vision.

It’s most important to note that headlight failure can be a variety of different issues. It can be a bad headlight switch or a ground connection that needs cleaning. You may have to replace the bulb entirely. Like most auto work, you should bring your headlights into a professional for the best options to restore your headlights.

Below is a video of our tech Todd, demonstrating how we restore headlights here at Ferber’s Tire and Auto where we give a warranty for the lifetime or your vehicle.

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop