Few things can be more annoying than a high-pitched squeal coming from your brakes. Noise from your brakes can mean a variety of things. The root cause of the sound may not always be a bad thing. That being said if you have symptoms of dysfunctional brakes you should take your vehicle into a service professional immediately. After all, brake squeal comes down to vibration and many other factors. Many brakes may squeak after sitting overnight. Moisture from rain can collect on the surface of the rotors, causing rust which can result in brake noise.

Different sounds may indicate different issues with your brakes. The textbook squeaking noise you hear from your brakes could be you break wear indicator hitting your rotor. Car manufacturers attach these indicators to inform you it’s time to get new brake pads. A grinding noise coming from your brakes usually signifies extremely worn brake pads. Without immediate replacement, you could risk damaging your rotor.

Keep in mind that brake pads are sometimes made with a very high metal content. Higher metal content can cause larger chunks of metal to drag on the rotor and cause a high-pitched squeak. To avoid squeaking you want to use organic brake material because it tends to have a lower amount of metal shavings. While more expensive, it’s a quieter option. Bottom line when you have brake noise its best to bring your car to a service professional. The importance of brakes can’t be overstated. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop