The brake booster is a canister that sits between your brake pedal and the master cylinder. Much like power steering helps us steer, brake boosters help us in the braking process. Some breaking systems work at high fluid pressures, this has the ability to make our brake pedals hard to use. Brake boosters make this job easier. When you press your brake pedal, the booster supplements the force put on the master cylinder.

Brake boosters contain a diaphragm that separates the inside into two parts that are both in a vacuum. As you press your brake pedal, it causes a valve inside of the brake booster to open, which allows air into one side of the booster. The difference in pressure on one side pushes the piston inside the brake master cylinder forward from the pressure in the pedal. This action is what assists your vehicle in coming to a complete stop. Without brake boosters, we would become exhausted from driving just from having to mash the pedal! Bring your vehicle to Ferber’s Tire and Auto for a full brake inspection!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop