Ball joints play a crucial part in the suspension of any vehicle. Ball joints are a ball and socket configuration that allow your wheels to turn and move vertically as the road changes. A comfortable and smooth ride is impossible without ball joints. Your car's ball joints are what connect your wheel and tires with the rest of your vehicle.

When debris and water can get into the socket, ball joints wear down much faster because of the lubricant's declining quality. To get the most life from your ball joints, it's crucial to keep them lubricated with grease and ensure the surrounding rubber boot's integrity is intact. No matter how much you try to preserve your ball joint, natural wear and tear are going to occur for some vehicles. This makes an eventual replacement inevitable.

Ball joint failure can be catastrophic. If the wear becomes bad enough, the stud may separate from the housing. This can cause immediate loss of control of your vehicle! To avoid this nightmare, bring your vehicle to Ferber's Tire and Auto for a steering and suspension inspection!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop