Before a road trip, before buying a used vehicle, and even for general safety, Virginia State Inspections are vital for all vehicle owners. Although it may feel inconvenient, getting your car inspected is the only way to make sure your automobile is safe. When it comes to your car it’s best to be proactive and not reactive. Without an inspection, many drivers may believe their vehicle is fine to drive, when in reality it's unsafe. Except for registered antiques, all vehicles in Virginia must undergo an annual safety inspection.

We don’t want you to dread when it’s time to bring your car in. Here at Ferber’s Tire and Auto, we want our customers to come in three to four times a year, so when it’s time for the state inspection it’s a routine checkup. We provide courtesy pre-trip and pre-purchase inspections. At Ferber’s our top priority will always be your safety.

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop