The ignition lock cylinder is the cylindrical and mechanical part used to start your car. Housed inside the electrical component that locks the ignition known as the ignition switch. It’s often welded onto the steering column and is usually located on the right side, behind the steering wheel. While many modern automobiles have transitioned to using a push-to-start system, seeing the more traditional ignition lock cylinder system is still prevalent.

So, what are the signs your ignition lock cylinder is failing? If powering your vehicle becomes a chore and you find your key getting stuck in certain positions (car accessories, lock, start), this can signify that your ignition lock cylinder is going bad. Having issues inserting and removing your car keys is another cylinder red flag that needs further investigation. As you insert and turn your key over and over again, the key and cylinder alike begin to wear. Once worn, a cylinder may jam when the key is inserted or turned. This can interfere with starting your vehicle. Ignition switch and cylinder issues can become complex rather quickly. So, bring your vehicle to a trustworthy auto shop like Ferber’s tire and auto for a diagnostic.

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop