While it can be easy to overlook, balancing the tires on your car help maintain a smooth ride. Properly balanced tires reduce tire wear, provide better handling, and even maximize fuel economy.

The balance we refer to is all about weight distribution. Most shops have wheel balancing machines that allow technicians to find which areas of the tire are stiffer or heavier than the rest of the tire. To counteract this weight imbalance, technicians add small weights measured by the ounce. The weights are applied via sticky adhesive or a clip, depending on the rim.

So, just how often should you balance your tires? While there is no single hard and fast rule for this, every 10,000 miles is a good gauge. A good rule of thumb would be once a year or every other oil change. It is also recommended after each tire rotation or after the purchase of new tires. As you can see the time may vary, so it's most important to pay attention to your vehicle and high speeds and let your mechanic know if you sense any changes.

Have steering wheel or seat vibration at high speeds? Cupped wear patterns on your tires? It may be time for tire balancing. Do not hesitate to call Ferber's Tire and Auto to diagnose your issue and service any tire needs!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop