There’s never been a better time to maximize your dollar at the pump with gas prices rising to all-time levels. Getting the best fuel efficiency possible goes a long way to help you and your vehicle. Here are a few tips that save you that hard-earned cash.

  1. Regular Maintenance: Several services can keep your car in top shape and save you tons of money. Tire rotations, fuel induction services, and more will keep your car in top operating condition, which means more efficiency.
  2. PLAN PLAN PLAN: It may appear to be a hassle but planning your trips and errands can save you a lot of money in the long run. Combine short trips and travel to locations where you can accomplish several things at once.
  3. Monitor how you drive: Speeding, braking, and rapid acceleration all waste gas. So be mindful of your pedal.
  4. Keep an eye on your gauge: Tracking your fuel economy and mileage, how long a full tank lasts, and the performance of your car can keep you in tune with its health. A sudden drop in fuel economy may indicate an issue or need for service.
  5. Don't be heavy: Travel light! For every 100 pounds in extra weight, you spend up to 3 cents more per gallon. Put your garage to use!
  6. Get your car aligned: Improper alignment can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 10%- Almost 31 cents per gallon!
  7. Tire Watch: Underinflated tires have increased rolling resistance which reduces fuel economy. Keep your tires at the recommended pressure.
  8. Find a friend: Sharing rides can really help you cut costs. If you have friends or family who live nearby, carpool and take turns driving. You’ll cut consumption in half!
  9. Idle Minds: Car idling can consume more gas than you think. If you’re sitting for more than 15 seconds it's more beneficial to shut your car off than to allow it to run. We hate the cold as much as anyone, but beware of the pre-work car heating!
  10. Time to roll down your windows: I think we’ve all learned by now that running AC can drain your fuel quickly. Turning off the AC can really be a money saver in the long run.

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop