Tires are an important but often overlooked part of your vehicle. Tires not only provide comfort while driving but safety as well. All tires will wear eventually, but what causes them to wear unevenly?

Let's start with tire inflation. Over and underinflation provide different wear patterns and challenges. Overinflated tires will show faster wear in the center of the tire, while underinflation will reveal wear on the outside edges. Check the door jamb of the driver's side of the vehicle to find out the proper specs and try to always maintain that pressure.

Tire inflation will cause your tires to wear faster than they should but typically will wear in a consistent pattern. What can be the issue if only one side of your tire rapidly wears? If you experience toe or camber wear and only the inside or outside of your tire are worn, its probably a sign that you need an alignment. With an alignment a technician can adjust suspension and steering on your vehicle, so all your tires are centered for a smoother ride. Tire feathering falls into this same category.

There are other afflictions you may see on your tire that can provide information on what could go wrong. Cupping wear can inform you about an issue with suspension. Tires wearing in a patchy and uneven state could indicate the need for tire balancing. These problems show there isn't a single thing that causes uneven tire wear, and there can be several factors. The tire wear pattern can give vital insight into the underlying issue.

Different tire problems require different services or even replacement to correct. While a simple glance can glean important information on tire health, we recommend bringing your vehicle to a reputable shop for a professional opinion. Our tires are what connect us to the road and provide the quality ride we need!

Written by Ferber's Automotive & Body Shop